How can sales teams use Augmented Reality for product demos?

Adam Lewis

Augmented Reality for product demos

Picture this… you’re in a meeting room and you’re about to be shown the products and services from another company. But instead of being handed a brochure or a PDF document, the sales representative shows you a 3D model of the product and moves it around the table, zooming in and out at various angles. While the sales rep demonstrates the product, he/she explains the range of features included and the whole room can see the product as good as if it was real life – in other words, they’re using Augmented Reality (AR).

Tech Target define AR as this:

‘Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it.’



Augmented Reality is really changing the way we do business and is fast becoming a popular choice for businesses to really showcase their products and services in the most impressive way. But how exactly can AR change the way we present our businesses during meetings?

Product demos

As we’ve previously mentioned, AR used in meetings is great for demonstrating the functionality of a product. For example, a windows and doors company could show a client what their products would look like by simply holding up a tablet device and dragging an example of a window/door to where they would be placed without having to physically install it. From this, customers are able to make better decisions by having something visual to work with.

Conference room presentations

Client presentations are instantly enhanced using an AR app as it makes them much more engaging. Sales teams no longer need to use giant screens to show PowerPoint presentations. Instead they can use a tablet device to give the audience a much more interactive experience. Clients can see actual dimensions of a product and use it to win potential customers when it comes to making a sale.

Enhance an event

Lugging all your products to an event is impossible, especially if you’re a large company such as a furniture or automotive company. Due to the size of the products and the broad range, there simply wouldn’t be enough room to showcase everything, so what do you do? Having an app means you can show every single one of your products, as well as demonstrating actual features. Potential customers can then see firsthand what you can offer as a business.

How do you get started with an AR product for demos?

  • Unless you are already in the creative field, do your research when it comes to choosing a company to create your app for you. You want to show off your business in the best possible light and a company who has a solid reputation for designing and developing clean, slick and professional apps will do wonders for your company.
  • First, find the products and services that your company generates the most revenue for and concentrate on those first. These are the ones you’ll be able to shout out about the most and show potential customers that they are a success.
  • Try using an AR demo on a few clients to see how they respond. Getting as much feedback as possible will be beneficial when it comes to future opportunities and development.
  • Make sure your products are scannable so that customers can scan your products there and then. Doing this could give customers the chance to read product reviews or purchase items directly which would then increase sales.
  • Think of ways to offer an incentive for using your app. Why not offer potential clients/customers a discount on products (this is a nice way to ease clients in if you’re in a conference room setting).
  • We mentioned before about the windows and doors company giving you the chance to see what their products would look like in a customer’s home and this is vital for your sales and marketing strategy. By giving a simple visual to your potential customers, it could be the difference between a loss and a sale. 


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