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Hi…we’re Huddled, a software development company based in Manchester – just like the hundreds of others…

What makes us different though, is we won’t relentlessly bombard you with Coding Languages in the hopes that the more you don’t know what we’re talking about that it will impress you enough to win your business, no – What we do differently is holistically take that great idea of yours from fruition to creation. No Jargon, just a team of professional individuals with years of experience working with you to achieve the same goal, an additional channel for you to make sales and grow your business with the 21st century’s technological advancements. Simple.

At the turn of the century, businesses needed to get online to take advantage of the plethora of users adopting the ‘new’ exciting technology called “The Internet.” 

Today, businesses need to take advantage of the newest mediums to reach potential or existing clientele, Software & Application usage is going up globally that simplify the sales process and serves your users needs more efficiently.

How Can We Help?

In the year 2017 people around the world managed to download apps (or application) 178 billion times. Yet astoundingly, this year, already, app users around the world have managed to top that number by 27 billion…by the year 2022 that figure is expected to grow to 258 billion.

The Process

After our initial meeting, a brief will be created and we’ll get hard at work making your idea an actual reality. 

Using combined decades of industry knowledge we will help develop your initial concept into completion, we’ll analyse the competition, we’ll look at the market and the fastest route ROI, advise on the best way to do so and then begin to implement.

An integral part of the process, we need to map your prospective user’s journey and create the most proficient way of intuitively realising that endpoint whilst integrating your branding and aesthetical preferences we received from the brief. The wireframe, or blueprint, will be followed to your instructions by a tee, then mockups produced for approval of the software applications exact specifications.

Over to the development team to start making your dream a reality. They do this by using several archaic black magic rituals and a pinch of fairy dust…

Well, not really – but there’s no interesting way of saying, “They’re going to use their decades worth of coding knowledge and a plethora of coding languages such as; C++, C#,PHP,Java,JavaScript….”

Hurray! You have an app!

But our due diligence is far from over, there’s plenty of stress testing still to go, we need to make sure that everything is ready for the live environment, which means conducting quality assessment and replicating thousands of customer journeys to know with absolute certainty that your app is ready to start servicing clients immediately and without any growing pains.

Careful analysis of the collective data we’ve received from the use of of your software application by its users will help to mould the future of your new sales channel, by appropriating this data we can further streamline the sales process of the application.


We can ascertain what users correspond with what features, what users shy away from and tweak the software accordingly, ready for future updates.

Let’s Try Something New… 

Yeah, apps at this point are nothing ‘new’…But your app might be, perhaps you’ve found a hole in the market, something that the competition isn’t currently doing that you think would be a massive hit with consumers, so let’s talk about it.

At Huddled, we know that we’re better at working together with complete transparency, and we invite yourself to bring your idea or requirements and once we understand what the app needs to accomplish, we can help you to stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive edge.

With an app as your sales vehicle, you’ve never had an easier way of reaching customers – the average person looks at their phone 150 times a day, that’s 150 chances the app has to send a push notification. 150 ample chances for your business to be seen day in and day out.

Whether you’re in the financial industry and need to make your clients aware of new taxation that will start to affect them, or you’re in the commerce business and you’re looking to entice your loyal patrons of the latest sales/deals you have on offer.

With a software application, you no longer have to wait for the customer to come to you, just remind them of what they’re missing.

To find out more about how the use of an App could revolutionise your business and how we can help: 

…That’s a 45% increase in just 5 years. Plenty of time to still jump on the ‘Band Wagon’!

But, you already know you need a ticket to win it – or else you wouldn’t be here…


“As a business we have been dealing with Huddled for our web development work for approximately 3 years. 

Perhaps surprisingly I am not going to mention the quality of their work – that’s a given. 

The thing that sets Huddled apart from other web companies is their flexibility, they have always found ways to meet our development needs  – no matter how demanding.”

Pete Underwood – PTS

“Huddled have been partnered as RMG’s Development arm for several years. Their intricate knowledge of our internal systems has enabled us to digitise our workflow systems and make us more efficient as an organisation. The team are responsive and great to work with and handle the variety of projects we have on the go effectively.”

Suzanne Longworth – RMG

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