PPC (Pay Per Click)


A Google PPC campaign is imperative to companies that are currently nowhere to be found in the organic listings however need immediate exposure from search results.

Google Adwords (Or Google Ads) allow your business immediate exposure for every keyword that is relevant to your product, each time someone clicks onto an ad they are charged a price depending on what the CPC (Cost-per-click) is. 

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) acts as an auction, the adverts which appear at the top of the page are from the businesses which have bid the most to appear there and are also the most relevant to the search term. This is why SEO and PPC search adverts often go hand in hand as SEO helps to reduce the amount you have to bid to reach the higher search advert placements, this because a well optimised page will higher your PPC quality score. The higher the quality score, the lower the cost per click as Google deems your website, ad and search term all relevant to each other.


Pay-per-click advertisements are pivotal in our marketing strategy for the following reasons:



Targeted Advertising

PPC ads allows us to choose specific terms or interests in order for successful targeting of your perfect audience. This allows us to analyse and assess exactly who is converting and further develop both our PPC strategy and overall marketing strategy to eventually exclusively cater to those who are most likely to convert, hence further utilisation of the budget.

Measurable ROI

PPC advertising gives you measurable ROI, which allows us to see exactly what you are getting out of the ads.

Brand Exposure

Google Ads allows you to immediately get your brand and its message who otherwise may not even know that your business exists.

Whereas SEO is a long term strategy to garner visitors to the website, it is far from an overnight process. Thankfully this isn’t the case with Google Adwords, as long as you have budget – you have visibility.

Illustration for PPC Advertising