The Tax Refund Company has been a loyal client of Huddled Media for many years, with as many as 1 in 3 taxpayers on PAYE being owed a Tax Refund it is of the utmost importance that we, Huddled Media could create a system which was user-friendly, intuitive and could aggregate all the data necessary to direct the website user to the page that was most relevant to them depending on their individual tax or pension requirements.



Services Completed:

  • Created an aggregate data system that records data whilst generating unique landing pages dependent on the user’s individual needs for a Tax Refund.
  • Implemented a system to allow the loyal Patrons over at The Tax Refund Company a way to claim multiple tax years at once.
  • Black Box Testing, due to the nature of the Tax Refund business – It was completely necessary to formulate a method to test the data and programming logic without seeing the sensitive information provided by The Tax Refund Companies clientele and themselves.
  • Google Analytics integration to record the successes of the uniquely generated content on users and to conduct further A/B testing in order to improve conversion rate optimisation.